Bis zum kurdischen Neujahr, dem Newroz-Fest, ist es nicht mehr lang. Am 21. März werden weltweit Millionen Kurdinnen und Kurden wieder auf die Straßen gehen und gemeinsam das Fest der Freiheit feiern. Ein Höhepunkt der Newroz-Feierlichkeiten wird auch in diesem Jahr das Fest in Amed (Diyarbakir) sein.

Die inhaftierte Co-BürgermeisterInnen und deren Adressen:


DBP Co-Presidentin

Sebahat Tuncel 

Kocaeli Kandira 1 No. Type F Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

HDP Ehemalige Vizepräsidentin

Aysel Tugluk 

Kandira 1 No. Type F A3-15

Diyarbakır Co-Bürgermeister

Gültan Kışanak 

Kocaeli Kandira 1 No. Type F Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

Diyarbakır Kulp Co-Bürgermeisterin

Sadiye Süer Baran 

Osmaniye 1 No. Gefängnis

Mardin Dargecit Co-Bürgermeisterin

Zeynep Sipcik 

Ankara Sincan Frauengefängnis

Mardin Nusaybin Co-Bürgermeisterin

Sara Kaya

Van Type-T Frauengefängnis

Van Co-Bürgermeister

Bekir Kaya

Silivri Type-F Gefängnis No: 9 - Istanbul

Van Saray Co-Bürgermeister

Abdülkadir Caliskan 

Van Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

Siirt Baykan Co-Bürgermeister

Ali Aydin

Bafra Type-T Gefängnis

Siirt Veysel Karani Co-Bürgermeister

Siirt Veysel

Siirt Type-E Gefängnis

Ovakisla Co-Bürgermeister

Ahmet Demir

Erzurum Oltu Type-T Gefängnis

Ovakisla Co-Bürgermeisterin

Servin Karakoc

Sincan Frauengefängnis

Dersim Co-Bürgermeisterin

Nurhayat Altun

Kocaeli Kandira 1 No. Type F Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

Urfa Halfeti Co-Bürgermeister

Mustafa Bayram

Sanliurfa Type-T No: 2 Gefängnis

Malazgirt Co-Bürgermeisterin

Memnune Soylemez

Patnos Gefängnis

Malazgirt Co-Bürgermeister

Halis Coskun

Patnos Gefängnis

Agri Tutak Co-Bürgermeister

Firat Ozturk

Van Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

Bulanik Co-Bürgermeisterin

Figen Yasar

Van Type-T Gefängnis

Diyadin Co-Bürgermeister

Nizamettin Özden

Patnos Type-L Gefängnis

Diyarbakır Sur Co-Bürgermeister

Seyit Narin  

Rize Kalkandere Type-L Gefängnis

Van Ercis Co-Bürgermeisterin

Diba Keskin

Sincan Frauengefängnis

Hakkari Co-Bürgermeisterin

Dilek Hatipoglu

Sincan Frauengefängnis

Hakkari Co-Bürgermeister

Nurullah Ciftci

Diyarbakir Type-D Gefängnis

Dersim Co-Bürgermeister

Mehmet Ali Bul 

Kocaeli Kandira 2 No. Type F Hochsicherheitsgefängnis

Savur Co-Bürgermeisterin

Gurbet Tekin 

Mardin Type-E Gefängnis

Agri Co-Bürgermeisterin

Mukaddes Kubilay 

Ankara Sincan Frauengefängnis

Siirt Eruh Co-Bürgermeister

Hüseyin Kilic 

Samsun Bafra Gefängnis

Yolalan Co-Bürgermeister

Felemey Aydin

Rize Kalkandere Gefängnis

Hizan Co-Bürgermeister

Ihsan Ugur

Diyarbakir Type-D Gefängnis

Siirt Co-Bürgermeister

Tuncer Bakirhan

Bolu Type-F Gefängnis

Urfa Bozova Co-Bürgermeister

Zeynel Tas

Sanliurfa Type-T Gefängnis T2/B1

Bulanik Co-Bürgermeister

Rahmi Celik

Trabzon Besikduzu Gefängnis

Varto Co-Bürgermeisterin

Sabite Ekinci

Ankara Sincan Frauengefängnis


Edibe Sahin

Kocaeli Kandira 1 No. Type F A1-2


Mülkiye Birtane 

Elazig Gefängnis


Halil Aksoy

Kocaeli Kandira 1 No. Type F A1-2



Die Verhaftungen und Usurpation gegenüber den Partner- Bürgermeistern, die seit dem 31. März anhalten.

Widerrechtliche Entnahme der Ämter durch die YSK (Die Hochkommission Für Wahlen)

Our stand towards the government’s recent attacks on the will of the people via the appointment of trustees-kayyım in place of democratically-elected co-mayors was declared with an event in Ankara. Our co-chairs, party assembly members and central executive board members, women- and youth-assemblies’ members, former and present co-mayors, city councillors, MPs, other elected representatives who have been dismissed by the ruling party and the representatives of NGOs attended the event.

                                                                                                               12 November 2019

Detention and torture of the HDP’s Youth Assembly members  

The Turkish government continues with its unlawful policies of oppression and intimidation against the HDP. One of the components of the HDP that is most exposed to such policies is unsurprisingly the youth assembly.

4 November 2019.


I  am  writing  this  letter  to  you  as  the  Mayor  of  Diyarbakır,  who  was  elected  on  the  local elections  in  March  31,  2019  with  62.9%  of  the  votes;  however  dismissed  on  August  19, replaced with an appointed trustee; and finally arrested on October 22, 2019.

One of Turkey's trustee appointed 95 HDP municipalities as of 2016; we got back Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality on 31 March 2019 local elections and started to build up the local democracy once again.


Pressures on the HDP and its municipalities increase with Turkey’s invasion of north Syria

Turkey’s unlawful invasion of northern Syria seeks not only to destroy the possibility of a Kurdish-led autonomous region there but also to reshape domestic politics though militarism and Islamist-nationalist discourses aimed at destroying the democratic opposition at home, first and foremost the HDP – the only anti-war party at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

With the start of the invasion on 9 October 2019, Turkish government completely shut down the democratic political field and suspended even the most basic rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of press, the right to assembly and peaceful protest. It banned any critical news about the war in the media. Leave aside criticizing the invasion; even calling it an “invasion” or “war” is criminalized by the government as “supporting terrorism” or “treason.”


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